Teeth Whitening

White Smile Melbourne is an effective, quick and safe way to boost your confidence allowing you to have the smile you have always wanted.


Our 72 minute treatment helps lighten teeth by removing stains and discolouration. The team at White Smile Melbourne can whiten your smile anywhere between 5-15 shades whiter by using the latest technology, the strongest legal gels in Australia and the finest materials to create your perfect smile in the salon.



White Smile Melbourne produces maximum results to clients in just over an hour. Ensuring each client is comfortable we use an LED lamp to help activate our whitening gel which will rapidly lighten the tooth gently removing stains resulting in a

Whiter Smile.

Trio Treatment

The Trio Treatment is our most loved  treatment as it is a highly requested treatment to be booked by many of our clients. Clients can successfully see results anywhere between 5-10 shades whiter within one visit.


Allow 2 hours for your treatment – This will also include consultation. One treatment is performed 3x for 24 minutes. 


We highly recommend having a 3-6 week touch up session after your initial treatment to ensure we are reaching best results and your smile stays as white as possible. 

Trio Treatment: $250.00

Touch Up: $150.00

Group discount available for 3+ people. 

White Smile Treatment

The deluxe White Smile Treatment is recommended for clients who have heavily stained teeth, bridal parties and clients who are wanting results 10-15 shades whiter. This treatment is accomplished over two sessions 2 weeks apart.

White Smile Treatment: $450.00

Group discount available for 3+ people.

The White Smile Diet

Our White Smile Diet is designed for you to follow right after your treatment. As the pores of your enamel become visible this will make your teeth extra vulnerable to any stains which can reverse a lot of the whitening benefits from your treatment.


We recommend you follow the WSD for the next 24 hours to allow optimum results. This means eating white food's only such as chicken or pasta with white sauce only.


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