Detox your mouth and show your oral microbiome some love with our four flavour + mouthwash kit.

Kick things off with our natural, Aussie-made paste that’s mineral-rich, non toxic and the first toothpaste in Australia to contain an oral probiotic. We took the bad stuff out of regular toothpaste, like SLS, triclosan and titanium dioxide and filled it with the good stuff, like earth minerals, natural oils and a scientifically proven substitute for fluoride (say hello to Hydroxyapatite!).

Then, top it all off with a swill of our premium, natural mouthwash. Made with neem, propolis and chlorophyll, our mouthwash is a real oral-microbiome-pleaser, formulated to help your oral microbiome thrive. It’s entirely free of the harsh chemicals found in regular mouthwash that nuke your mouth and detonate all bacteria, the good and the bad.


What’s inside:

1 x Crisp Mint Mouthwash
1 x Crisp Mint Toothpaste
1 x Apple Mint Toothpaste
1 x Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste
1 x Coconut Mint Toothpaste